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City Tower Hospitals excels in the treatment fo these ailments. Patient with Ear, Nose and Throat problems are taken care by Dr.N.P.Karthikeyan., an ENT Surgeon with a good experience and track record. What is followed here is a Holistic curative approach. Patients are carefully evaluated clinically, and a clear cut diagnosis is made after a careful observation of the disease behaviour. Clinical data is maintained on a computer, and it helps in Arriving at a fool proof diagnosis.

When the condition demands surgery, it is done with total dedication and care for a Safe and smooth recovery. State of the art, latest Equipments are used for precision in surgery and desired results.

Microscopic Ear Surgeries are done for the Ears discharging pus. Latest and imported equipments are used and the best surgical techniques are adopted for successful results. For Hoarseness of voice and Growths in the Vocal cords Microlaryngeal surgeries are done. For the Nose problems and polyps Nose block and other sinus related problems Endoscopic Sinus surgeries are performed using the latest Camera Guided Endoscopic surgical system.

Hearing handicapped people from the Newborn to Old age can approach them for a precise evaluation and correction of the disorder with Hearing aids if necessary.

In short whatever be the problem with your Ear Nose and Throat, you can approach City Tower Hospitals with confidence. Rest assured that you will be guided to recovery by the best of the safe hands in there.

We attend all kinds of Emergency and Trauma Care for accidents. We do all kinds of orthopedic surgery. We are fully equipped with total Child Health Care also. We also treat here medicolegal cases like poisoning.


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