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We take Extra Special Care in ensuring the accuracy of the result by using imported precision instruments and by using proven well established accurate techniques with imported reagent and kits against International standard. It is managed by well qualified dedicated professionals. As a consequence now City Tower Hospital Clinical Laboratory (Padmini Diagnostic Service) is accepted as one of the leading Laboratories in the part of Chennai, with facilities for Hematalogy, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology investigations. Well designed package test every major organ in the body.

The Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of special investigation of Leptospirosis, Dengue Igm & IgG, Tuberculosis Antibody, Thyroid profile, Fertility Hormones, Cancer Marker, Auto immune disorder, Torch Panel, Steroid Hormones assays.


Cardiac profile collagen disease profile, diabetic profile, Executive profile, Fever profile, Jaundice profile, Lipids profile, Liver profile, Renal profile, Obesity profile, Master health check up, Well woman check up, Child care check up.

While soliciting for your patronage and continuous association may we assure you of even better services in future.



Diagnostic imaging is now recognized as an important adjunct to clinical examination in the case of patients with many common illnesses. Ultra sound has now become the imaging investigation of choice in the diagnosis of many of the common ailments. It is widely used to obtain a wide range of information about the fetus, in the field of obstetrics where it is not possible to use any other investigation like X-ray etc.

The Ultra sound department at City Tower Hospital is well equipped with a GERT - 3200 stand alone, high resolution ultra sound scanner with echo capabilities. Images are printer on high quality Sony thermal paper.

Sonograms are done by Dr. Natesh, Sonologist, who has about 7 yrs. of experience and is a consultant sonologist to many leading Hospitals in the City. One important and useful feature of the ultra sound department. Is that the turn around time for reports is very short. Reports are handed over to the patients within 10 - 15 minutes. This is made possible by our experienced Medical transcriptionist with a lot experience in medical data entry. Apart from the referrals from the various in - hospital consultants the department also gets a number of outside referrals from doctors and small clinics in surrounding areas. Various sonograms done are USG whole abdomen, Pelvis, KUB, Scrotum, Thyroid, breast, obstetrics, etc at a reasonable cost.


With very few exceptions, all of the wards, outpatients, theaters, and special departments will need to use the diagnostic X-ray service for their patients.

Here, Our CITY TOWER HOSPITALS is one of the best multi facilities Hospital at Anna Nagar in heart of the City. Being a multi facilities, our radiological department has got a well equipped X-ray machine with high quality of parameters and instruments. The X-ray machine is manufactured by the India's best standard, ISI certified company SIEMENS, and it is a 300 milligrams Powerful quality machine. It has a multi stage rotating tube and double side tilting table, gives pictures as equivalent to the digital X-ray pictures.

We are clinically diagnosing the Abnormalities of chest and spines, various fracture of bones, dislocations of joints and articulations, urinary functions of track, gastro intestinal track, and genetics tracks by X-rays.

In the X-ray department, few substances given to the patients and introduced into his various anatomical and physiological system. Which substances are very high qualities and contrasted are used in our Hospitals. For example, MICROBAR for barium preparations, and OMNIPAQUE for iodine compound. Which are the world class substances.

Radiological investigations of anatomical and physiological system of the body are done with qualified radiologist. For example, Barium meal serious, which is done for the investigation of the gastro intestinal track, Intravenous urogram (IVU) for the investigation of urinary track, Barium enema for the investigation of large and small intestines. HYSTEROSALPINGORAM (HSG) which done by a qualified gynecologist for the investigation of female genetics organs. Which are all investigated with help of high quality equipments. 

On the medical side of the X-ray department in our Hospitals, the highest authority is invested in consultant physicians and consultant surgeons. These are all very experienced and highly qualified specialist doctors. The consultant radiologist whose specialist training qualifies him to X-ray films and conducts diagnostic X-ray examinations.

Radiographer in our diagnostic X-ray department deal with patients of all ages and children very often come their way. The patients therefore is the reason for the existence of the whole organization, which has No life, No purpose and No value without him. This makes the patient the most important person in the hospital. So that, Care of patient in the X-ray department has long been a responsibility accepted by radiographers and it is possible that being a qualified our radiographer by interesting, understanding and cheerful in the patients.


The X-ray department is 24 hrs. service. It is managed by well qualified desiccated professionals. The X-ray offers a comprehensive range of special investigation of 
(1) Intravenous Urogram (IVU)
(2) Barium Meal Service
(3) Ascending Urethrogram
(4) Hysterosalpingo Gram (HSG)

The vision of providing high quality X-rays facility at on affordable cost.

This facility is available to find out Heart disease during stress. ECG report is computerized and is automatic. "To Provide quality and reliable diagnostic service at an affordable cast."


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